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              Enterprise spirit:Shunxing the world, rhyme creates the future
              Shunxing World Interpretation:Emperor Shun’s filial piety touches the sky, the world’s virtues, and the accomplishment of the world; Emperor Shun’s spirit is the origin and support; inherit and carry forward the spirit of Emperor Shun, strive for innovation, create quality products, provide quality services, and benefit the world through products and services. rhyme
              Create the future paraphrase:Rhyme, which means "equal", is "harmony" and "rhythm"; "rhyme" means that everything in the world is harmonious and unified, and the law and cycle of development movement; conform to the law of the times, industry development cycle, products and services Cycle and other laws, continuous innovation, harmonious power frequency with the changes of the times, and inclusive development.

              Mission: (Electronics) Shun Yun's core, make home smarter
              Vision: (Electronic) Intelligent Control System Solution Leade

              Character, enterprise, product, three in one
              (Character is the origin, corporate character is fundamental, and product is performance.)
              Loyalty, gratitude, dedicated deacon, innovation and goodness
              (The inner logic is: people with the character of loyalty and gratitude form a team of dedicated deacons to create innovative and perfect products and services.)