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              A flexible production line has been established to adapt to multi variety, small batch and rapid product change.

              Advanced ERP, MES and WMS production process management systems are used throughout the production management process to realize the visualization, real-time and integrated management of production and manufacturing process information such as product orders, materials and equipment.
              At present, it has more than ten SMT production lines.

              Production process capability

              Can process single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBA production process capabilities Fully implement and promote lead-free and ROSH process capabilities
              Capable of processing components with a pitch of 0.3mm Mounting capability of BGA with 0.3mm pitch
              Complete placement capability for 0201 chip components Ability to implement online and off-line programming capabilities
              Planning and implementation of finished product assembly capabilities Able to implement automatic coating debugging and implementation
              Capable of automatically pouring glue (epoxy resin, silica gel) to cover the waterproof ability of PCBA Automatic test function development and programming ability
              AOI inspection and ICT inspection analysis capabilities